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bad roofers

"If you think hiring a

good roofer is expensive,

try hiring a bad one."


Red flags of a bad one:                         

1) contractors (or non-contractors) who require a large deposit or any deposit before any work is done.

2) one who asks the owner to pull their own permit for their roof replacement

3) one who will take on a project without inspecting it first

4) one who says they don’t need a permit and will do your roof on the weekend

5) storm chasing company who will only work with insurance company and will require an “assignment of benefits” form to be signed and refuse to give you (the owner) a quote for your roof replacement

6) handyman working in your neighborhood that can do the same job for 1/2 the price

7) one who refuses to provide the owner insurance CIO’s (liability, WC) and /or references for their work

8) company or individual who use “day labor” companies for the manual labor or use rented (uhaul) trucks/trailers for debris removal and/or material deliveries


9) companies or individual who doesn’t have a debris removal or landscape protection plan/process

10) companies or individual who advertise with hand written signs on telephone poles or random street corners


Your roof is the most important part of your home (other than the actual structure). Hiring a professional roofing contractor is not expensive when they know what they’re doing and do it right the first time. They’re are many good roofing contractors in your area with proper licenses and insurances that will do a great job for you. You just have to ask the questions. Also check their license status on, 

and go with your gut feeling on who you feel comfortable with.

It will get very expensive if you choose to hire a “chuck in a truck” or “guy with a hammer” to replace your roof protecting your most expensive investment...your home.

Chuck In A Truck




10 tips to avoid bad roofers

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